Our Process

We employ a comprehensive and detailed framework to your personal training experience. During your first visit to our studio we get to know you, so we can best train you.  Here is a snapshot of your complimentary assessment:

  • Our Intake Form; to understand your health and wellness history
    • Exercise History
    • Injury History
    • Nutritional Habits
    • Your Typical Day
  • InBody – Body Composition Assessment; to understand your physical makeup
    • Weight
    • Skeletal Muscle Mass
    • Body Fat Mass
    • Metabolic Rate
  • Functional Movement Screen; to understand your movements in everyday life
    • 7 movements to assess your mobility and stability to help us start training your effectively
Our Process - Morgan Wellness Group - Personal Fitness Training

After your assessment is completed, together we review our findings and develop a plan to move forward that aligns with your health and wellness goals and resources.  Contact us today to schedule your complimentary assessment.

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