Private Personal Training Fitness Studio in Downers Grove

We built our fitness studio to provide training solutions in an ultra-focused, exclusive training environment, reflecting our desire for a high-quality experience.

We are highly driven by upholding our core values: Exceptional Service and Quality, Science-Based Programming and Commitment to Your Results and Experience. If you would like to learn more about how Showroom Personal Fitness can help you reach your fitness goals please use this form to contact us today.

    Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

    We aim to provide industry-leading personal training and wellness services. Our coaching style is highly focused and precise, intent on maintaining a luxury studio environment, and we exclusively offer 1-on-1 personal training, partner training, and small group training (not to exceed three participants).

    Our training sessions are rooted in science and we value form and function above all else. Your experience begins with a body-specific warm-up based on your body’s movement patterns and needs, progressing into a challenging experience comprised of carefully planned exercises and workloads.

    Personalized Fitness Training Programs

    We get to know you – so we can train you

    When you first arrive, together we complete our intake form that helps us understand your goals and your body. We examine your body composition with an InBody machine, your physical movement with a Functional Movement Screen, your injury history, exercise history, and nutrition habits. We take getting to know you seriously.

    Once we understand what makes you unique, we then create a comprehensive program and progression plan that will help you stay accountable to achieve your goals.

    Advantages of a Customized Fitness Program

    Tired of getting injured while exercising? No two bodies are the same, so it is important to know what your body needs. Our onboarding process pinpoints where you need to start.

    We use the Functional Movement Screen to evaluate your movement patterns and identify your strength and areas for development. Only through a proper evaluation will you be able to design the right workout plan for your body.

    With us at Showroom Personal Training, learn how to move better and select movements that your body will positively respond to. We carefully selected our fitness equipment at our studio to allow for every body type.

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